Together, let's #Re-InnovateNigeria

We extend a warm greetings to all Nigerians. Whatever you do, as long as you love to innovate and your ideas will impact on the society, then you have come to the right place to further escalate your ideas and therefore increase your profit. Even if you don't know how to start!

We are paving the way for a lot of reforms accross multiple sectors and we are in the front line in including technology in people's lives and harmonising automation, humanity and purpose.

InnovationBed SDGs framework hereby offers Nigerians a Community-based collaborative hub in the areas of Mentorship, Innovation Capacity Development & Entrepreneurship. One important activity of Innovationbed is the meeting of like-minds using the power of internet to query cultural diversity and identity, linguistic diversity and local content - all for the country to become a better place!

Our Work

Our strategic work process is based on five pillars:

Tech Awards & Jury

Do you have any innovations that focus on content driven technology and high quality interactive content with a clear intention to create a more equal, just and sustainable society. Register IT!

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SDG Advisors

Public servants are called to embrace the UN ICT4SIDS strategic ePlanning education, to make governence more effective and transparent. InnovationBed methodology relies on SPACE (Strategic Planning, Architecture, Controls and Education) and other tools.

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Digital Policy Advocacy

We provide a forum for dialogue that supports understanding between policymakers, innovators, representative bodies and scholars about the opportunities and challenges of digital innovation

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What are the development gaps in your community? Talk to us or relate with your region. we just might have a homegrown solution for your community. Innovationbed, by this initiative collaboratively research into various Nigerian society gaps scouting for home-grown solutions and encouraging their adoption in all relevant areas of needs.

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There are jobs everywhere, we only have skill gaps! What was JOB years back are now offered as services and at your DOORSTEP! THe citizenry need to be upskilled to the realities of future of jobs. Promote someone today, a kid, your alma mata, your community, your constituency, or even your state. The goal to achieve employment for all in the country can be achieved by bridging the skill gaps.

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About Re-Innovating Nigeria

The challenge is and remains worldwide: bridging divides... be it disparities in access to water and energy, gender inequality and educational opprtunities, or in digital terms, wether it concerns, content or technology. The global divides are manifolds and afect us all. In the case of economic equality and justice, the divides increase dramatically, nationally and globally. In the case of climate crisis and global warming, we see that the divides will seperate those who survive from those who might not.

In the face of such societal challenges, how can digital solutions and interactive applications make a positive contribution? How can prupose driven innovation disrupt current nefarious developments? And what benefits are hidden in the digital transformations?

We Are Winning!

In over 10 years, Programos Foundation has a proven record of accumplishment withing the framework of the United Nation's World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) 2003-2025, and as a National Expert, mandated by UN WSA, since 2010 implementing the WSIS Plan of Action.

We are on a mission to create 572,760 digital hubs in the country by 2023, across twenty sectors/specializations in our society, controlled by regional and sector representations in a sustainable network of collaborative knowledge and citizen-empowered digital hubs, leveraging on improving broadband penetration growth in Nigeria.

Since our intentions are driven by over-arching purpose, we believe that digital content and technology have the potential to create more equal. just, and above all, sustainable societies. The focus on solving local challenges enables added value for societies globally.
By this call, we bring together digital creatives and social entrepreneurs from all corners of the continent, especially from Nigeria whose focus is purpose and thereafter profit. We will all participate in a trasnformative learning joiurney and join a global, multi-stakeholder community. We will discuss the possibilities of purpose driven innovation and see best-practice from arounf the world. In all, we shall drive our innovations to wealth! Wealth for ourselves, our communitie and the society!!
All our projects are home-grown, produced by local talents and targeted at local communities. For once, we are solving our problems by ourselves. We represent and exceptional mix from which we all learn nationally. We welcome all our innovators with their award winning apps and solutions. They are all impacting the daily lives of millions by meeting deeply rooted needs and they stand out in the ability to combine smart content, social aims and digital inoovations.

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