Innovation Council

Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) are recognized as very important tools for delivering public services and supporting progress towards the SDGs realisation. Specifically, digital innovations are needed to ameliorate the persistent digital divide and other unique challenges facing the developing countries as ours.

Members of the Innovation Council for Nigeria comprise of oustanding digital enterpreneurs who have at one time or another researched, designed and developed great innovation with positive social impact on the Nigerian Society and beyond.

They are all United Nations World Summit Awards rated innovation producers who have successfully passed the national pre-selection jury process of the Eminent National Expert for Nigeria who in himself is a polyglot programmer, a financial expert, an astute innovator and industry stakeholder with numerous awards.

The Innovation Council members are hereby invited to give back to the society in our continous ecosystem capacity development programmes along with our foreign collaborators and innovators alike.

Engineer Rauf Aregbesola

Opon Imo

Back in 2013 when the Governor Rauf Aregbesola-led Government of Osun launched Opon Imo, meaning ‘Tablet of Knowledge’, many were skeptical about its sustainability and its effectiveness in combating the low rate of student performance, especially for secondary school students writing final year West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination, WASSCE.

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Ogechukwu Uzoegbo

Esperanza Eye Foundation

Eyesphere360 is an initiative we are promoting from the South-South region of Nigeria under the health category. This product will help to prevent avoidable visual impairment and blindness by providing access to eye health information, professional advice and eyecare services to the undeserved and those living in hard to reach areas...

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Luqman Balogun

Carrot Estate Planning Simplified is amazing as they were able to successfully transform family estate planning traditions into a digital one-stop shop solution for individuals and families to securely create, update and schedule execution of their Wills and or other testamentary instruments such as: Deed of Gifts, Living Wills, Trusts, Guardianship, etc. in real time, anytime, anywhere on their digital devices.

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Godwin Benson


Tuteria came tops at 2018 WSA National Pre-selection under the eLearning & Education. The product and team are truly driven by a vision to make quality personalized education accessible to millions of people in Africa through one-to-one lessons, online lessons, group lessons and innovative learning apps, while also creating a healthy source of income for many great teachers.

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Kingsley Iweka

Africa On The Rise is committed to highlighting and propagating the positive changing realities of the African continent. This online platform is changing the African conversation by monitoring, analyzing and sharing ONLY qualitative content about Africa’s rising potential, fostering development and economic empowerment through the power of positive information and inspiring hope by humanizing the process of positive change.

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Samuel Odofin

Biotechnology : The Food Solution

Biotechnology : the food solution is a revolutionary idea with realistic effect on technological development and economic growth in the African agricultural sector. With little beginnings in 2003, BFS has been celebrated internationally by African and also biotechnology giant riders (such as Monsanto cooperation Inc) .The project is poised to force technological growth and improvement in the agricultural sector in most developing African countries, through conscious efforts to campaign the effective use of biotechnology and education of farmers ...

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Oluseun David Onigbinde


BudgIT is a civic start-up to present Nigerian public finances in a web platform understandable at every level of literacy and user interest. The goal is to redefine participatory governance in Nigeria while promoting open access to data and focusing on a more user-friendly presentation of state and federal budgets. Contents include charts and performance analysis for proper understanding of what budgets and public data entail. ...

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Oscar Ekponimo


Chowberry is a cloud-based data platform that provides a sustainable means of managing shelf-life of food products by enabling retailers monitor and track food products approaching end of shelf-life in stock while simultaneously streaming the same monitored products to consumers at deep discounts via location aware algorithms.

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Akinyele Olubodun


Playmyjamz is a web application to strategically promote less privileged artists and their songs for free in the ever-changing and sometimes ruthless music industry. It encourages the upcoming artist to be focused and stay away from crime. Structural disadvantages, poverty and corruption make it virtually impossible for anyone with talent who has successfully recorded songs to promote these songs. The Playmyjamz application allows users to upload their favourite songs from the site, together with the musician’s profile and pictures, so that people can get to know them. Musicians invite their families and friends, together with the online base community, to nominate their songs for special recognition. The top nominated artists are interviewed in a free monthly magazine and on the radio.

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Mary Olushoga


Imagine a group of women and girls that have been excluded because they reside in a rural part of Nigeria, Ghana or another country in West Africa. Many are without a means of earning an adequate form of livelihood, as a result of their inaccessibility to business education. They are often burdened with a socioeconomic situation that leaves them with little opportunity and little access to information regarding banking, entrepreneurial ventures, and financial education.

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Adetayo Bamiduro


MAXOkada mobile and web applications provide safe, affordable and accessible moto-taxis to underserved communities in Africa, using inclusive asset-finance and safety hardware. The end-to-end platform connects drivers to commuters and businesses in real time to fulfil goods delivery and get people to their destinations. By licensing and creating credit ratings for drivers, and providing safe and affordable moto-taxi service for commuters and enterprises using their mobile devices, MAXOkada is transforming transportation in Africa. ...

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Femi Oye


Less than 20% of the entire population in Nigeria has access to electricity. Most people are poor, living with less than $2 per day. A subset of this population; about 50% are youths without any form of livelihood. An average of $30 is spent monthly on either kerosene or dangerous Candle to provide electricity at night. Most of the remote communities in northern states are without connection to the grid and to them, respiratory problem, bad eye sight and water contaminations via hazardous kerosene spillage remain an endemic battle to fight. Solar Fitila (lamp) will provide clean and safe energy to 1,000,000 students, market women and households in Lagos, Nigeria...

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Uchechukwu Dim


FillYaTank Mobile Application is a crowdsourcing application, built to assist Fuel users/Consumers come together to save money and time buying Petroleum products (Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene and Gas). With FillYaTank mobile application we can build a community that help each other save money and time on fuel products by reporting prices and availability.

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Uchechi Iweala


Transparent Nigeria is a movement to hold the Nigerian government accountable for its actions. By publicizing the amount and use of Nigeria’s public funds, the Transparent Nigeria online database aims to change widespread corruption rampant in the country and to offer people an alternative to frustration. Using data from the Ministry of Finance...

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Tom Roberts


Utruckit is an app that links cargo owners to trucks drivers and other vehicles that will help them convey their goods from pickup point to drop-off points. Truckit is a technology company whose main objective is to enable cargo owners convey their cargo the way they want it from the comfort of their homes just by using the Utruckit app. We seek to bridge the logistics gap occasioned by a largely unorganised haulage industry and cargo owners who want a stress-free, seamless, affordable and secure transportation of their goods. ...

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Ihesie Peter Onyebuchi


iPolice is a community policing platform designed to engage more Nigerians in making Nigeria a safer country. The mobile app iPolice provides citizens with an effective way of partnering with security agencies, by reporting crimes and providing valuable information via their mobile phones. iPolice also supports community-oriented policing efforts by keeping citizens informed of crime and security issues in the neighbourhood where they live or work, thus helping to reduce crime in the community. iPolice makes it possible to follow and analyze security and crime trends according to federal state and given location...

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