There’s a lack of gender diversity at all levels in the technology sector. This is partly because the number of female students in mathematics, engineering, computer science, and science is disproportionately low around the world. So how do we close this gap?

Support for the education of women and girls in the ICT sector is consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – in particular SDG 5, aimed at achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls through, among other things, information and communication technologies.

Programos Foundation is committed to promoting the participation of women in the technology ecosystem, especially considering the importance to increase the participation of girls and adolescents in Information Technology and Communication.

The overall objective of the InnovationBed for Women (and Girls) Intervention is to accelerate the involvement of women and girls in the STIs by the adoption of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for women and gender synergy.

It's not enough to belabour the problems, InnovationBed4Women has come up with a list of programs to ignite the distruption of gender equity and balance to arrest the anomalies mentioned above:

  • Indeed, empowering women and girls are the keys to solving the world’s problems
  • The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are universal, interconnected and exponential in nature and they present a roadmap for creating systemic financial, social and environmental value.
  • Exponential goals require transformational solutions that go beyond incremental innovation.
  • Women and girls need to raise their sustainability ambitions and act decisively to: 1) adopt new mindsets, 2) build and trial new business models, and 3) develop and deploy disruptive technologies.
  • These actions are how we define “InnovationBed4Women,” and will position women and girls to pursue growth opportunities, while at the same time helping to reverse the trend and improve lives.

How We Can Take Action by Transforming Skills to meet Innovation Challenges

InnovationBed4Women seeks to design programmes that address learning opportunities aimed at tackling technological cahallenges, by bringing together businesses, technologists, thought-leaders, UN Agencies, entrepreneurs and policy-makers to inspire new approaches to sustainability leveraging SDG models and disruptive technologies such as, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

By interacting with a community of diverse women stakeholders, we will develop a roadmap for enhancing the performance of sustainability initiatives while developing a homegrown model that can be used as an example of leading practice nationwide.

We will stress the need for the academia to consider implementing projects that can solve practical and emerging social issues at the local and global level.

Underskilling is an aspect of the current Nigerian labour market and should be resolved altogether, and not as seperate problems.

Our initiatives are created to enhance digital competencies and tackle challenges posed by developmental crises and we will by this be improving digital literacy by seeking nvestments in digital training for women. We shall be concerned with five general lines of inclusions: (citizens above 35 years old, unemployed citizens with primary and secondary educational qualifications, graduate specialists with university degrees, and citizens engaged in research.

We believe that digital literacy can improve vlnerable people's lives. The challenge here is that many women and girls have little or no digital skills. We will seek collaborations with public authoroties and private sector to invest in digital training to improve their lives.

Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Corporate Partners

InnovationBed partnerships are ongoing. We have appreciated a few hubs here because of our long standing association with them in promoting the cause. We are open to membership and you can reach us via


Women’s Technology Empowerment Center


Women in Technology


Women in Technology


Ada Nduka Oyom


All initiative fulfils the SMART criteria, (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound).

# Goal Description UserReport
1 Why So Few? Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Progress reports
2 Are women succesful technopreneurs? Progress reports
3 Girls in STEM. How do we encourage the girl child to embrace STI? Progress reports

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