About The Awards

Created out of a deep understanding of the global digital divide, Nigeria based Programos Foundation is a not-for-profit that has been tirelessly working for digital inclusion across the world and in particular Africa region since its inception in 2010.

Our mission is to use ICT and digital tools to bridge the digital divide and empower underserved and information-dark communities in such a way as to create a digital age, post-industrial global society where all people on Planet Earth have access to information, knowledge and services at all times and at all places.

Working with a multi-stakeholder approach to end all kinds of inequality and create a more inclusive global society, we seek to setup over 500,000 digital entities in Nigeria and Africa by 2030 impacting more than a 100 million people and a network of more than 250,000 grassroots NGOs/CBOs/CSOs who in turn will digitally impacted more than a billion people across the world by helping them to cross the border and enter the information age.

The Innovationbed awards will help to identify and recognise innovations and best practices that help to ensure more extensive use of ICT and digital tools for socio-economic development and empowerment of the masses, especially marginalised communities. They will also help to create an ecosystem of digital practitioners who can use the various award platforms created by the foundation to network, learn from each other and find ways to partner and collaborate with each other to scale up their efforts for greater impact.

Award Patrons

We drew our inspirations from the following people who have in no small way supported our African cause.

Engr. Rauf Aregbesola

Chairman, Innovation Council

Prof. Peter A. Bruck

UN AIA Chairperson

Prof. Amjad Umar

Consultant, UN ICT4SIDS

Dr. Paul MacDonnell

Chairman, GDF

A Special Awards System For Africa

Below are our Terms and Conditions as it applies to Innovationbed Africa Awards 2020.

To recognise and honour excellence in Innovations across Africa and to use the Innovationbed Awards system to unite the African Innovation Ecosystem in Digital Innovation for more quality and increased participation at the global UN AIA and related tech evaluation processes.

To make the Innovationbed Awards the most influential and leading platform to explore, recognise and honour excellence in innovations, applications and content services for development and empowerment across Africa.

  • To recognise innovations and creativity in mobile and telecom solutions
  • To provide a platform for benchmarking people-oriented innovations in the telecom industry
  • To provide a wider forum for strategic networking, alliances and partnership building
  • To provide an Africa Congress to exchange ideas, policy strengths & digital advocacy
  • o facilitate in building an African network for campaign and advocacy in digital for mass empowerment and inclusive growth.

Africa Innovationbed Award Categories

AIA categories reflect the UN WSIS action lines and are updated regularly to meet the development of the markets.


services | open data | democratic participation


medical care | sport | lifestyle


knowledge | science | skills


climate | sustainable resources | agriculture


heritage | entertainment | subcultures


mobility |productive work | sustainable living


innovative services | security | finance | marketing


diversity | gender | justice | human rights


youth taking action on the SDG's